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SunXchange Manpower Consultancy

We have some talented people in our organization.
In fact, 200,000 of them!

In today`s highly competitive economy, companies need to stay ahead of the curve with a robust skilled and inspired team. Here at SunXchange, we are your strategic partner and trusted advisor providing talent management solutions to meet your unique business objectives.

With our exclusive Talent Mapping methodology, we identify mid to high-level professionals and specialists, unlocking their hidden potential at your workplace. Sunxchange consultants are actively updated on who's who in specific industries so as to help you make informed decisions. Armed with years of industry experience in the area they specialise in, our consultants have an insightful Understanding of the market. We go the distance to find that perfect match.

With our broad network of talent relationships, we are unfettered by local limitations.At SunXchange, having insider knowledge is our greatest asset. We gather market intelligence on existing personnel in the five core industries, where they are, their competencies, talents and more. This includes members of senior management, department heads and C-level executives. We call this unique methodology "Talent Mapping"

Talent Mapping adds remarkable intellectual depth and accuracy to our multi-faceted search approach. The framework is client-driven, time-sensitive, and serves niche industries. Using this real-time information, you will be provided with a detailed analysis and comparative competencies of all available human resource in your sector. In the process, hidden talent is uncovered, and nurtured to greatness. Combined with Sunxchange customer-centric service and attention to detail, Talent Mapping has helped our clients locate the best candidates to meet their hiring needs, ensuring quality over quantity.

There are compelling reasons why everyone at SunXchange is encouraged to embrace diversity; business reasons, legal reasons and, most importantly, moral ones.

We believe it is essential for the future of every enterprise that diversity is adopted as a universal principle, enabling individuality to flourish regardless of gender, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, marital status, family circumstances, age, disability, sexual orientation, political or religious belief.